Nutraceuticals based on natural products either from animal or plant sources (Phytonutrients) are becoming nowadays the preferred remedy over chemically-formulated products as they are safe and free from synthetic chemicals. 
Nutraceuticals and Phytonutrients are widely used today as they improve health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy and  support the structure and function of the body.


We have built our reputation on bringing quality nutraceuticals for both females and males.
Females and males health is our core competence.


We are a motivated team, who will responsibly and profitably grow our company through innovation and operational excellence.
Driven by our honesty, integrity, responsiveness and focus on continuous improvement we will earn our customers’ loyalty by providing quality, cost competitive products manufactured in a world class facility.


  • Safety

Patient Safety Is The Essence Of Our Company And It Is More Than Just An Obligation
  • Efficacy

Effective products are among our core goals.
  • Quality

It is our commitment to our clients to develop, and manufacture safe, effective, reliable and high quality nutraceutical products. All our products and process meet FDA regulations.
  • Excellence

Excellence is an ever moving target. Manufacturing excellence is not just the best way to do it today, but continually improving to the next level

AHW Team

Our team consists of highly-trained professionals from the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical research with significant experience in multinational pharma. The team includes experienced formulators and scientists in analytical science and material characterization. The clinical supply and manufacturing operations are conducted under a validated and approved quality system. Our QS has been approved by local regulatory agency and audited by national and international organizations (American FDA).
AHW’s Qualified employees have many years of experience in generic companies and multinational pharma organizations with a wide exposure to clinical and commercial supplies.

Who We Are

American Health & Wellness Pharma (AHW) is an American company located in Gastonia ,NC and specialized in the manufacturing of Nutraceuticals. It has been established by a group of highly specialized academician, doctors, pharmacists and scientists with vast experience in infertility manufacturing and marketing.
AHW manufactures high quality organic nutraceuticals specially dedicated for helping couples to conceive and get better chances for becoming pregnant. In AHW, we are aiming to introduce up to date Natural solutions for all infertility problems. Our GMP certified facilities help us in introducing high quality, well controlled, effective and safe products.

What We Do

AHW as an international figure in pharma industry produces totally natural female and male fertility nutraceuticals. All AHW products are produced under state of the art facilities in USA. Our state-of-the-art research and development laboratories with highly qualified staff continue its scientific research to innovate new formulas, sourcing new highly effective ingredients to enhance outcomes and provide an added value to our customers.
Our mission is to provide our clients and partners with the safest, mostly active and state of the art formulated natural treasures.


 • We select the best Nutraceuticals which have been known to be safe for human usage.
• We always aim to include 100% natural, organic, safe products, sourced from the most trusted suppliers all over the world
• Premium ingredients in every single formula we produce
• Safety for human consumption is our premium goal
• Highest manufacturing standards (GMP, FDA approved)
• Long experience in organic ingredients, research, and the specific formulations for specific uses
• FDA inspected and registered manufacturing facility

Our Partners

AHW has been expanded globally to include doctors, pharmacists and scientists from different part of the world. Our scientists and consultants are leaders in infertility treatment, nutraceuticals, and drug formulations. All are working together to provide women and men with unique fertility supplements, unmatched in quality, purity and consistency.



Our manufacturer holds the following certificates:
Good Manufacturing Practice Compliant
Food and Drug Administration Registered
National Products Association member
NPA GMP Certified